If there are many options, the better it is and there is a saying that goes the more, the merrier. Business has become very important now and there was a time when people were happy with their job and they knew that if this job ended then they will get another job. But there is a saying that time changes and that is why people did not think of starting any kind of business. But who knew that the world would be facing such a bad virus and the whole world will be facing a pandemic and it would cause a chaos. And now when people have lost their jobs now they are going towards the business department. Now everyone thinks that business will last and that is why everyone is on the verge of promoting their business and it is not an easy thing to do. You have to use the term called digital marketing and that is done by SEO experts or digital marketers. If you are looking for more options, then we are here to guide you about it and these types are tipped to us by the best SEO expert in UAE and by best companies that give different SEO services in Abu Dhabi, keep reading to more know;

  1. The first type is SEO which is also known as search engine optimization and that is used to get your website on the top. And it can also be used for different platforms like YouTube, Facebook and other smaller social media platforms. it is used to rank your website on a specific search engine. Most people use google.
  2. The second type is PPC which is also known as Pay Per Click. Here, different people or you can say digital marketers get services in return on good traffic and they should prioritize;
  3. Quality of ads
  4. Bidding amount
  5. CTR which is also known as Expected click through rate
  6. Formats.
  7. The third is the easiest one and that is the social media marketing. Here, you have to post every day without delay on your social media platform and on your website as well. People are more active on social media platforms and that is why some people earn millions of dollars via their social media platform business pages.