Scroll down and read some of the most interesting facts about cakes!

  1. Cakes are favorite of the world’s largest population. That’s why there is National Cake Day on November 26.
  2. World ‘Cake” is brough from Middle English’s “Kake” which means tart or pastry.
  3. Birthday Cakes have middle layer as well. That layer has name. Its name is Whoopie pies because it is made of frosted cream.
  4. Red Velvet Cake has an interesting story. The cake could be prepared by only one restaurant only in the past. One day, lady had the cake and like it a lot. She asked the recipe to the waiter and the restaurant asked her to pay $100 to know the recipe. The lady became angry so much that she spread the recipe of the cake far and wide. That’s to her or we cannot prepare the cake or get red velvet cake from todays cake cafes.
  5. Although cake is soft bread like dessert nowadays, it was hard baked bread in middle ages.
  6. Cake was not something to eat in past in America. The females used to keep fruit cake under their pillows to get a handsome husband.
  7. How many cupcakes can you eat in six minutes? We all can eat not more than six cakes but Patrick Bertoletti made a record in 2012 of eating 72 cupcakes in 360 seconds.
  8. According to history, the concept of birthday cake was originated in 1785.
  9. Queen Victoria was the first queen to have complete royal icing on her wedding cake. Royal icing is the icing which is prepared of icing sugar, lemon juice and beaten eggs. It became popular in 1840 when it was used to decorate the queen’s cake.
  10. If your mum scold you for ordering three-step cake then tell her about the largest cake. The world’s largest cake’s weight was not less than the weight of African elephant. Its weight was more than 6 tons.
  11. If you think you are spoiled brat and sensitive about birthdays then you should know about expensive cakes but don’t irritate your parents to buy them for you. The most expensive cake in the world is Pirates Fantasy. Its cost is $35 million.

So these are 11 most interesting facts about cakes. All of our functions is incomplete without cakes. Therefore there are now services of birthday supplies in UAE and online flower shops in Dubai that make the function more loving.