In an industry often lacking both hope and creativity, MYLE has been born — a nicotine replacement system that mimics the physical pleasure derived from smoking a normal cigarette. This is the sales copy you may have seen on television or in magazines promoting the product. What is this thing really about? What are the benefits?

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The makers of Myle claim the product contains a” synergistic blend of the most effective herbs known to mankind” that works together to provide consumers a steady source of “nicotine” like sensations throughout the body. They claim these powerful herbs will keep you “high” all day long. However, the ingredients are very similar to the ingredients used in Smoke Deter, which also is a nicotine vaporizer. Both products can be purchased for a low cost on the internet and shipped directly to your home.

Myle claims that their product line contains a proprietary combination of seven different herbs that act as a “Nicotine Delivery System” while helping to reduce cravings and eliminate unwanted side effects associated with nicotine. These herbs include ginseng, guarana, lemon balm, raspberry leaf, watermelon, and green tea. Some of these ingredients are the same ingredients found in other vaporizers such as the Smoke Deter and the V2 Pod.

Myle claims their pods can be used with any vaporizer including the extremely popular Smores Pod and the Vapesti Pod. There are two different kinds of pods. One is pre-filled, which pre-fills your tank, allowing it to be ready for when you start puffing. The other kind is empty, so you have to fill it yourself by measuring out the exact amount of the herb that you need. That way you know exactly how much flavor you’re receiving.

I sampled several types of juices including mango and carrot and orange. It seemed like the mango and carrot juice had more flavor, but it was hard to tell until I got all of the ways through the packet. The best thing about the MyleE-liquid flavors is that there are no artificial sweeteners or flavorings. All of the herbs are organic and free of pesticides. Overall, buy Myle pods in Dubai is an excellent choice if you are looking for a good all-purpose electronic juice cart. They appeal to a wide variety of people because of the variety of flavors they offer as well as the fact that they are not very expensive.