Today, we will discuss the benefits of prayers. If you are not regular in your prayers, then I hope that after reading this article, you will become regular in your prayers as prayers has a lot of benefits.

The prayers are of great importance in Islam. It is the top most duty of every Muslim. Prayers is also one of the five pillars on which the formation of Islam stands. It has been mentioned in the Quran 700 times and the word of Salat has come sixty seven times. The Holy Quran especially denounces the people who doesn’t pray regularly.

The Holy Prophet has emphasized a lot on prayers. He said: “The one who establishes the prayer establishes the religion and the one who destroys his prayers destroys his religion.”

The Holy Prophet also said that: “Prayer is a pillar of religion.”

What are the benefits of prayers?

The benefits of prayers are as follows.

First, we will discuss the physical benefits of prayers.

  1. A person who prays regularly becomes orderly and also he learns the significance of time. A person who prays regularly become timely and he learns to control time for the rest of his activities of life.
  2. With the help of prayers, a person learns to have self-control.
  3. A person who prays regularly become clean and pure as he performs wudu daily, five times a day. It keeps the person away from illnesses.
  4. In prayers, people do ruku and sajdah. Ruku and sajdah are considered to be fine exercise.

Now, let us discuss the spiritual benefits of prayers.

  1. When a person offers prayers, he becomes closer to Allah because prayers are basically a way through which you can meet Allah. When praying, you should think that Allah is standing in front of you.
  2. You can accomplish spiritual contentment through prayers. The Holy Prophet said: “Prayer has been made the coolness of my eyes.”
  3. When a person prays, he get rewards. Also, prayers is a way to wash off your prayers.

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