Food is a basic thing for every living this survival. Food has also become the best business of this year (2020). You must be wondering that why food has become the best business, well, you can see for yourself. That every other business was closed in the corona virus pandemic and lock down other than the food chains and even the smallest cafes and the restaurants were open as well. many people who were thinking that they need to open a stock market business or any other business, they are now looking for more options in investing in the food business.

You can see for yourself as well, there are small cafes and big hotels and restaurants and all have the same income, what we mean to say that they have the income according to what they have invested. If you a small café owner has invested 10,000 AED in a café, he or she will be getting 1000 AED per day and which makes 30,000 per month and after paying all the rents and the bills and to the employees and getting all the inventory, he or she will def be saving at least 10,000 AED or less than 10,000 AED per month which means that in the first month of the investment, they have gotten what they invested and followed by the remaining months mean that it is beneficial. And if you want invest in food business then we suggest you start food service in UAE, but before that keep reading to know the facts about food on this website here;

Red dye: the red dye on the candies and even on lipsticks look good but you will be sad to know that this red dye is gotten by boiling the beetles and now you say why vegans are creating a fuss every now and then.

Crackers are bad: we think that sugary candies are bad for our teeth but you will be surprised to know that crackers are super bad for our teeth because they have acid in it and since they stick to the teeth, they are not good at all.

There is no such thing as pain: red and green chilies have a chemical in them that basically trick your mouth in thinking that it is burning and basically the pain is in your head.