Many people are curious as to what the facts about Geekvape pods in Dubai are. They want to know what makes them different from other vaporizers on the market and what makes people choose them to use instead of their normal vapes. There are many facts about Geekvape Pods that most people are unaware of and that they should know before making a purchase. Here is a quick review of these facts.

One of the first facts about Geekvape Pods that a person should know is that they are the first vaporizer that is completely powered by your mouth. The Pod converts all of the sugars that your saliva produces into vapors. This allows you to get around the unwanted oral aftertaste of some vaporizers. Not only does this technology allow for a more comfortable experience with your oral fluid, but it also means that you will never have to worry about burning your lips ever again.

The second fact about Geekvape Pods is that they are made out of glass. You might not think that such a tiny material can produce an awesome taste, but it does. The glass comes in a clear shade of green so that you can see the awesome technology inside. The green-tinted glass makes it extremely easy to see everything that goes inside your Pod. You are sure to be impressed by all of the neat little parts that go into making your new Pod.

The third fact about Geekvape Pods is that they come in three different sizes. You can get the smallest Pod which is good for anyone who only wants to have a little bit of vapor production. You can also get the biggest Pod which is perfect if you are going to be making vapor cigarettes. There are even those people who get the medium-sized Pod which is good for those who like to make both lots of vapor and a little bit of e-juice.

The fourth fact about Geekvape Pods is that they are easy to use. Even if you have no experience at all with electronic devices you should be able to use this product with relative ease. You simply add the battery, turn on the power, and you will be good to go. The two buttons on the bottom will change colors and will light up when the battery is low or when the power is turned off. All you have to do is take your Pod out of the box, start turning the power on and off, and you are all set.

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