When we hear the word kid, all we can think of is crying and throwing tantrums and noise. Kids can be very surprising sometimes. There are sometimes when kids also think about their parents and guardians.

It is not that all kids are like that. kids when they see that their parents and guardians are getting sad, they change their behavior instantly. Every kid has their own different kind of nature.

Even the kids who are the identical twins, who are said to have the same kind of nature but even they can have some difference at some point when they grow up. Every person wants their kid to be unique and there are some kids that are born with special powers.

We have seen many movies where a kid has some super powers and he or she is saving the world. But we all know that in real life it is not possible but we think that the movies are made only if someone has seen something in real life.

And you will be shocked to know that there are some kids that are born with super powers and some are born with it and some have developed with the passage of time. If you some parents that are about to have a kid then we also know that you want a kid that is very special and if you want to know more about such kids, then it is best that you read the below post and the list below is provided to us by Dubai nurseries and the best nursery in Jumeirah;

Adas the Unfreezable: after some point of extreme cold, our bodies can get solid cold and we can die as well. but there was a polish toddler in 2014 and he along with his parents were left in a blizzard storm. The parents managed it somehow because they were adults. But they thought that the kid would not be able to make it but miraculously, the kid survived, and he seemed like he had a slight flu.

Lucas the Echolocator: Lucas Murray was born blind and you will be shocked to know that the boy started to see with his ears. And this kind of communication is done by the bats, dolphins, and some kind of whales. He touches his tongue on the roof of his mouth and he could tell what was around him and he mastered this skill in three days.