Web designing is now a great trend and a way of earning for many people because it is in great demand. Every business and brand now needs to have their own website that’s why they are constantly looking for a freelance web designer Dubai, whom they can hire for some time and get their website done. If they hire an employee on regular basis then they have to pay him every month that’s why most of the small brands and companies are searching to hire a freelancer on freelance website Dubai so that they have to pay for only once. If you want to start your career as a freelance website designer then you have to first learn about it and then practice it with creating website on different free web hosting to make it as your portfolio. Here are a few tips to create a free website:

Sign up: To create a website you first need to sign up on the free web hosting platform. Most of the free hosting will allow you to create maximum of two websites and after that you need to purchase any of their plans. Free sites will come with some short comings because you will not be able to use certain features for free but to start your practice you can use them easily.

Select type: To create a website you need to select about the nature of the website. You have to select that what you need is a either a blog or a brand website or a shopping site. It is important to select a type on which you want to get master because you have to select the template according to that. There are thousands of options to choose from and also you can change the appearance of the templates in respect of color and gradients because all of the templates are customizable even in the free mode so you can easily practice that.

Publish: You also have to publish your website so that you can provide that as a sample to your clients because without publishing no one will be able to see that except you. Once you have your required settings in your website and you put some of the articles or products in the website, you should go to the publish button and make it visible to world.