Everyone will use tiles in the bathroom and kitchen if they do not use them in any other place so you need to use them too because in these place if you get the painted walls then your wall paint will get tear off soon and you have to repaint them every few months. While kitchen wall tiles are necessary, they will get old with the passage of time or you will get bored of looking at the same tile over years but replacing all the tiles will be an expensive project but here on our website you will get to know about the alternatives of replacing your wall tiles. See this below for more information:

Paint: You can paint them all with a good color and give them a different look. Some people will think that it is impossible to paint the tiles when they have a glossy look but if you follow the procedure completely then you can get an amazing look of your tile like they are new.

Wall panels: There are panels that look like wood but basically they are made up of PVC and you can get them over your tiles. These are cheaper than replacing the tile and they are easy to install too. You can also do that on your own because you just need to be a little patient and use the right glue for that. Then you will get a changes look of your walls. They are available in different patterns and colors so you can choose any of them.

Cement: You can also use cement of the quick-setting nature to give a new look to your counter in your kitchen. These will get a new look quickly as they will get dry very fast so you can get any shape within a minimum amount of time but it will be an expensive project so you should go for it carefully. This is expensive because the labors you will hire demand more amounts.

Bead board: This is another cheaper option to use and you can do that on your own. You need to get the bead boards from a good shop and then you can paint them in any color and then you can also cut them n any shape. They are easy to paint and cut so easily made.