There are certain things that you can and cannot do when you hold a power of attorney. These include:

  • The document of power of attorney in Dubai holds a lot of authority and power. When the person is entitled to for the power of attorney, he can do a lot actually it depends what kind of Power of attorney a person holds. Actually, when a person gets old he starts his plan to complete his will and power attorney. This takes a lot of trust and courage to entitle someone. So, the individuals must make a solid concrete plan for their families and it has to be clear. So, everyone understands it. 
  • There are two types of Power of attorneys. But first we should know the person who stands with all the authority is the principal he/she allows someone to act on their behalf. The person who works on behalf of the principal is known as an agent. 
  • The first type of Power of attorney in RAKICC is medical, in this power attorney the person must have to be trustworthy member of family. This person is designated to take care about the main person (the principal). The take the principal when they get incapacitated. On the other side the financial agent is given the responsibility of taking all the actions related to finances. In power of attorney a single person can take these two responsibilities but the wise people separate and select two different individuals for these jobs. 
  • As medical agent, they receive all the data and information regarding the principal’s health like hospital care, surgery, psychiatric, treatment, and home health. The payments and finances in health care are approved by financial agent. He decides what the principal eats, who take care of hi bathroom needs and shower needs. He decides how to talk with doctors regarding his health. 
  • The agent can’t change the will of the principal. The agent can take decisions on behalf of the principal after his or her death. They can’t transfer the power of attorney to someone else. The responsibilities are limited on agents. They can’t even choose who takes over their duties. It has the scope but in limited boundaries.
  • As a financial agent, they deal in financial activities like paying bills, health care expenses, housing needs and other bills. The agent handles all the tax matters of the principal. They can make investment for principal in form of business. An agent can manage the principal’s property too.