The treatment of mental health problems has advanced a lot and now people are getting more woke towards different mental health issues. When you visit a psychologist or a clinic, they make sure that you feel loved and someone is that who really cares for you. The softness the people’s voice makes half of your worries disappear. But this hasn’t been like this always. There are still people who think that going to a therapist is a waste of money and time and back in the old days mental health issues were considered a problem for both victim and the people around the victim. People used to do terrible things to people who suffered from mental disorders.

They used to give electro shocks, put them in asylums, skull drills, pills, exorcisms or keep people in isolation for days and even months. You have read it right, in the old days people actually used to drill the skulls of an actual living human being because they thought some part of the brain is leaking and the person needs some extra nuts to stop being nuts. There was a way which has recently been stopped by health government and by the WHO, this was called the Lobotomies. In this procedure, the doctors used to put a sharp needle through the tear gland of the eye and mess around in the brain. This is was used on people who had passed through a bad experience and on serial killers as well. According to the old research papers, doctors who conducted this therapy said that some of them died during the treatment and some died after they performed. But some got cured and some got more insane after they got treated for a short time only.

And people who had dual or multiple personality disorder were said that they have ghost in them or they have some real evil spirit in them and they used exorcism on the patients and doing that with a patient who has multiple personalities could go more insane and at the end when people thought that nothing can get the evil spirits out, they would burn them alive or cut their heads off. But thanks to different doctors and psychologists who saw humans and living creatures instead of vegetables, and showed people that mental illness is not a disease and it can be cured at all times.